Jeffrey Swindle
Jeff explains that his sociology degree equipped him with three necessary tools for working in the international development field. First, theory and elective courses taught him about different cultures in the world and reasons for variation in the way people act. Second, he developed statistical tools that have helped him as a researcher for development organizations. Third, he participated in internships in Mexico and Guatemala which gave him great work experience and prepared him to intern at USAID. He is currently in a PhD program in sociology at the University of Michigan.
Eden Anderson
Eden graduated from BYU's sociology department, and continued on to BYU's Masters of Public Health program. She would like to join an NGO or humanitarian group that works in Africa, and particularly would like to focus on tropical diseases or HIV/AIDS. 
Greg Muller
Greg graduated with his BS in sociology in 1989. He went on to receive his Masters degree from BYU and then his Doctorate from Texas A&M. Following his doctorate, Greg went on to Snow College to be the director of a federal Schools-to-Careers program. After working in that position for a few years, Greg went on to specialize in grant writing and program evaluation. Greg claims that while he may not have been the most outstanding student, his tenacity has guided his way to success.
Jill Piacitelli
After completing her degree in sociology, Jill became the director of a small national nonprofit called Break Away, which trains college students and staff to participate in volunteer programs all over the world called "alternative breaks."  Here, students use school breaks to do immersion volunteer work around a particular social issue.