​​​​​The sociology major is designed to provide students with foundational courses and then allow students the flexibility to pursue their own interests.

Students often ask for more guidance about how to select among the variety of courses available to them. Click here​ to download a matrix that outlines possible course selections based upon different career goals. These are only suggestions; students are encouraged to develop their own program of study. Feel free to consult with faculty members and academic advisors regarding your program of study.

Please contact the FHSS Advisement Center for information about the following:

  • Changing majors
  • Graduation applications
  • Graduation clearance
  • Graduation deadlines
  • Major advisement
  • G.E. advisement
  • Major cycle sheets
  • Major transfer classes
  • Add over hours
  • Correcting ABC reports

Please contact the Sociology department advisor for other questions and for advisement on academic warning/probation.  

Department Advisor

Dr. Jacob Rugh

(801) 422-4466

    For any additional questions, feel free to contact the Department of Sociology office.