​​​​​​​​Sociology internships can​ be either international ​or domestic. 

For international internships, contact the Kennedy Center: (or learn more about PEAT)

Website: http://ke​nnedy.byu.edu/isp/

Phone: (801) 422-3377

Email: kenned​y@byu.edu

For domestic internships, contact:

Karen Christensen –– Family and Social S​ervices Internship Coordinator

FHSS College, Brigham Young University

Address:  945 SWKT

                Provo, UT 84602

Phone: (801) 422-3697      

E-mail: karen@byu.edu​

Frequently Asked Questions about Soc 399R Academic Internship  

1. What are the purposes or goals of the internship? 

Sociology internships are intended to help sociology majors integrate the knowledge and skills learned in the sociology degree program with their own life goals and professional and career interests.  This is an opportunity for students to apply what they have learned in sociology classes to a real world professional setting and work experience.

The internship and assignments are intended to help students achieve the following goals:

1. Develop a professional sense of the work you will do by identifying personal learning goals or outcomes for the semester.

2. Understand how to work within an organization and learn how sociology can enhance your job experience.

3. Help you think about the nature of what sociologists have termed "interactive service work" or jobs that require working with other individuals, and other issues relevant to your work setting.

4. Help you think about the kinds of information or data organizations use in order to succeed, whether that information is about individual clients, work processes or organizations.


2. What does the internship include? How many hours do I need to work to earn credits?

The sociology academic internship includes a semester-long experience with a BYU-approved internship provider in which students work a specific number of hours and meet course requirements.

A. The typical internship in fall or winter semester involves one of the following work schedules:

a. Approximately 42 hours (about 3-4 hours a week) = 1 credit.

b. Approximately 84 hours (about 6-7 hours a week) = 2 credits.

c. Approximately 126 hours (about 9-10 hours a week) = 3 credits.

B. Course assignments enhance internship experience through:

a. Using sociological perspectives to understand more about the internship organizational setting and related work activities.

b. Completing assignments that include short essays, a journal and a research or project paper.

Students may enroll in a total of 6 internship credits. These credits may be used to meet elective requirements.


3. How do I apply for a sociology internship and enroll in the Soc 399R class?

The first step is to speak with Carol Ward about your internship interests or plans.  As the internship coordinator for the sociology department, Carol Ward advises students about sociology internship plans and approves the internships. 


After speaking with Carol Ward, the next step is to see Karen Christensen, the College FHS internship coordinator. She advises students in sociology, psychology, and family studies and starts the application process. Her first task is to review your internship plans to make sure that the university has a current agreement with the internship provider you want to work with. There's a short online application process. Once that's complete, Karen sends the information about the student’s internship plans and provider agreement to Carol Ward to approve.


In the next step students must complete the IRAMS application – the university online internship application system (Under the “Academics” tab on the BYU website, go to “Internships” and look for IRAMS application). When it has been submitted, Carol Ward receives an email that your IRAMS application is pending. At that point she can approve it and you can enroll in the desired number of Soc 399R credits. Then you can access the course syllabus and materials on Learning Suite and begin your internship.


4. How do I contact the Sociology Department and FHSS Internship Coordinators?

Contact information:

Carol Ward: Sociology Department Internship Coordinator

2038 JFSB      801-422-3047     carol_ward@byu.edu​

Karen Christensen: Family and Social Services Internship Coordinator

FHSS College      Brigham Young University   945 SWKT     Provo, UT   84602

801-422-3697       karen@byu.edu


The basic requirements for internship credit:

  1. Complete 42 hours in internship work for each credit hour. The typical internship is 3 credit hours, although some students sign up for six. Only three hours of internship credit may be applied towards your sociology degree.
  2. Establish learning objectives with the department internship coordinator (Carol Ward) ​and develop a plan of action for achieving the objectives.
  3. Complete the required memos and reports as outlined on Blackboard. These are typically bi-weekly reports submitted via Blackboard and designed to help you think about your internship experience.
  4. Read and respond to Robin Leidner's monograph, Fast Food, Fast Talk: Service Work and the Routinization of Everyday Life.
  5. Complete and organizational analysis of the organization you work for. Describe the formal and informal structure, how the organization routinizes and controls work processes, and the organizational environment.
  6. Complete a semester project. Project possibilities are described below.
  7. Complete an internship evaluation form.
  8. Have your supervisor complete an evaluation form.
No class attendance is required. All assignments will be submitted electronically.

Internship Grants

Each semester, undergraduate and graduate students who are declared majors in one of the disciplines in the College may apply for a grant of up to $1600 to help augment the costs associate with an internship.  Click on the link to visit the Mary Lou Fulton Chair website​.

Application Deadlines for Internship Grants

Winter Semester - December 1st
Spring/Summer - April 1st
Fall Semester - August 1st