Chris Frosdick
Chris Frosdick works as a vocational rehabilitation counselor for the state of Utah. He provides career-related counseling and guidance to individuals with psychological and physical disabilities. He coordinates medical, psychological, and psychiatric services for his clients and helps them with job preparation and job placement. He is an advocate for his clients to prospective employers. While working full time, he is also enrolled in a Masters of Rehabilitation Counseling program. 
"The coursework in sociology helped prepare me to become a professional - the critical thinking, writing, and problem solving skills I learned as an undergraduate in sociology helped me with making assessment of my clients' needs and with finding resources to meet those needs. Report writing and documentation is a significant part of my job. The writing assignments in my sociology classes helped prepare me for this. As a vocational rehabilitation counselor, I get to see the "big picture" or the context of my client. Sociology's emphasis on the individual in the context of other people and institutions has helped me to know how to better serve our clients. I find being a vocational rehabilitation counselor rewarding and I am thankful for the training I received from the professors in the Sociology Department."
After receiving her BS in sociology, Alison went on to do clerical work in a number of medical areas. After this, she received her Masters in Counseling, and currently she works for the Department of Rehabilitation in California. Here, she helps people with disabilities to find work. Alison advises current sociology students to be aware of the job market and to create opportunities that will make you marketable for a job 
Jackie Blake
Jackie states that she cherished her time in the BYU sociology program. After spending time at BYU, she went on to receive her Masters in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. Jackie's areas of interest are in the field of mental health, specifically with troubled youth.
Cory Harmon
After graduating from BYU with a degree in sociology, Cory is now working as a research psychologist at the Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington. When we last heard from Cory, she was working on developing screening software and interventions for soldiers after they return home from deployment.
Jan Morgan
Jan graduated from BYU with a degree in sociology in 1977. From there, she went on to UCLA and received her Masters in Social Welfare, working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Jan's area of specialty is in attachment, bonding, and trauma. She has published a book titled Single, Yet Not Alone - A Spiritual Guide for Latter-day Saint Singles. When we last heard from her, she was also working on a book related to attachment and bonding. Jan says that when looking back at her time in the BYU sociology program, she particularly appreciated the classes about group dynamics and basic interviewing skills, stating that what she learned gave her "a good start into the profession.”
Mindy Pearson
Mindy Pearson graduated in sociology, and went on to work for the Research and Evaluation Division for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Following her time at Church Headquarters, Mindy went on to get her Doctorate in Counseling Psychology at BYU. Along with this, Mindy is a mother of three children and states that after graduating, she has stayed "pretty busy.”
Amber Phillips
After graduating from BYU's sociology program, Amber went on to work as a social worker-- first for Utah DCFS and then for a private foster care agency in Washington. Amber states that this was "very challenging and eye-opening work." After working in social work for a few years, Amber had her first child and decided to be a stay-at-home mother. This lifestyle, she states, keeps her "busy" and is "more time consuming than [she] imagined." Amber admits that as an undergraduate, she wishes she would have taken learning "more seriously," as it is difficult to find time to learn new things now. Amber plans on returning to school once her daughter gets older.
Milton Timoteo
Milton graduated from the BYU sociology program in 2000. Following his time at BYU, Milton earned a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy/Community Counseling. Continuing on after his Masters, Milton went on to Texas A & M University to receive his Doctorate in Counselor Education.