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Emeritus Faculty




Howard Bahr hmbahr@byu.edu1973-2014
Stephen Bahrsjbahr@gmail.com1973-2015
Vaughn R. A. Callvaughn_call@byu.edu1993-2016
Marie Cornwallmarie.cornwall@outlook.com1986-2012
Tim Heatontimbheaton67@gmail.com1980-2017
Cardell Jacobsoncardell_jacobson@byu.edu1981-2016


Stan Knapp

Stanley Jay Knapp passed away peacefully at home on June 26, 2024, after battling glioblastoma. Born October 16, 1963, in Las Vegas, Nevada, he excelled in academics and athletics, finding his lifelong partner Jill at BYU. A devoted father and grandfather, he cherished family above all. Stan taught at BYU for 29 years, inspiring students and serving in church leadership. He loved teaching and traveling, directing study abroad programs. Known for his unwavering faith and compassion, Stan's legacy lives on through his wife, children, grandchildren, and many loved ones. His calm strength and deep faith continue to inspire those who knew him.

Ralph Brown

"Lenses, perspective, language—they shape what we do. They are more than just an attitude. They shape what we desire, avoid, and fear, and shape what we believe. Know what lenses you wear. Understand that they shape your reality and that you do not have a corner on what is real; you have a corner on what you have interpreted as real…
"Know what you believe and why and act accordingly, regardless of who may see it differently, but do not be a jerk. You can actually have a conversation about differences—'I do not think this is the way it should be'—without being a jerk."—Ralph Brown

Darwin Thomas

Darwin Thomas received two degrees from BYU before going off to the University of Minnesota, where he received his PhD. After receiving a PhD, he began teaching at Washington State University, where he taught for four years before accepting a job at BYU. He worked there for 30 years before retiring. Darwin passed away August 12, 2018. His legacy at BYU will continue for years to come.

Wilford Smith

Wilford Smith served in World War II as a Chaplain and a Colonel before pursuing an education. He earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Utah, a master's degree from BYU, and a PhD from the University of Washington. He spent 35 years teaching in the BYU Sociology Department before retiring to spend time with his beloved wife and family. Wilford passed away on April 20, 2010 and will be greatly missed.