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Jane Lopez

Assistant Professor
Current Faculty

Research Areas

Citizenship, Immigration, Law & Social Policy, Latinx Studies


Jane Lilly López is an assistant professor of Sociology at Brigham Young University. She received her PhD in Sociology from the University of California, San Diego in 2018. Her research interests include citizenship (as both a legal status and a lived experience/identity), immigration, integration, and the effects of law in the public and private realms of everyday life. Her book, Unauthorized Love: Mixed-Citizenship Couples Negotiating Intimacy, Immigration, and the State (Stanford University Press, 2022), examines the intersections of immigration, citizenship, and family in the law and in everyday life. (Author interview about Unauthorized Love on the New Books Network.)

Courses taught:

SOC 112: Current Social Problems
SOC 423: Sociology of Immigration
SOC 604: Ethnographic Research Methods
FHSS 351: Latino Civil Rights Seminar

Selected Publications

(*indicates undergraduate student coauthor; **indicates graduate student coauthor)

Peer-Reviewed Books

López, Jane Lilly. November 2022. Unauthorized Love: Mixed-Citizenship Couples Negotiating Intimacy, Immigration, and the State. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Park, Paige,** and Jane Lilly López. 2021. “Of One Fold: How Religion, Culture, and Gender Intersect to Shape Integration for International Migrants Settling in Utah, USA.” Ethnography and Qualitative Research 14(3): 503-525.

López, Jane Lilly, Genevra Munoa*, Catalina Valdez*, and Nadia Terron Ayala*. 2021. “Shades of Belonging: The Intersection of Race and Religion in Utah Immigrants’ Social Integration.” Social Sciences 10(7): 246-254.

López, Jane Lilly. 2020. “Together and Apart: Transnational Life in the US-Mexico Border Region.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 46(1): 242-259.

Martin, Isaac W., Jane Lilly López, and Lauren Olsen. 2019. “Policy Design and the Politics of City Revenue: Evidence from California Municipal Ballot Measures.” Urban Affairs Review 55(5): 1312-1338.

López, Jane Lilly. 2017. “Redefining American Families: The Disparate Effects of IIRIRA’s Automatic Bars to Reentry and Sponsorship Requirements on Mixed-Citizenship Couples.” Journal on Migration and Human Security 5(2): 236-251.

López, Jane Lilly. 2015. “Impossible Families: Mixed-Citizenship Status Couples and the Law.” Law & Policy 37(1-2): 93-118.

Skrentny, John D. and Jane Lilly López. 2013. “Obama’s Immigration Reform: The Triumph of Executive Action.” Indiana Journal of Law and Social Equity 2(1): 62-79.