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Jonathan Jarvis

Graduate Program Coordinator; Associate Professor
Current Faculty

I am an associate professor of Sociology. My research focuses on (1) families in East Asia, (2) how globalization shapes educational strategies and achievement in East-Asian nations, (3) educational achievement, and parental practices among immigrants from East Asia. I am currently examining college entrance exam performance, shadow education, and suicidal ideation in South Korea, as well child behavior problems in Japan and China. I am also examining mental health and substance use among immigrants from East-Asian countries to the US and Canada.

Recent Publications

Stoddard-Bennett, Nina A., Jordan Coburn, Mikaela J. Dufur, Jonathan A. Jarvis, and Shana L. Pribesh. 2023. “Family Structure and Child Behavior Problems in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.” International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 20(3):1780.

Poff, Jared M., Jonathan A. Jarvis, Kevin Shafer, and Mikaela J. Dufur. 2023. “Maternal and Paternal Psychological Distress and Child Behavior in Japan.” Journal of Child and Family Studies. 32(3):756-768.

Jarvis, Jonathan A., *Amy Read (co-first authors), Mikaela J. Dufur, and Shana Pribesh. 2022.“Impacts of Family Structure on Private Tutoring and Educational Achievement in South Korean Youth.” International Journal of Educational Development 89, March.

Jarvis, Jonathan A., *Otero, Carolina, *Jared M. Poff, Mikaela J. Dufur, and Shana L. Pribesh. 2021 (Online first). “Family Structure and Child Behavior in the United Kingdom.” Journal of Child and Family Studies.

Jarvis, Jonathan A., Ashley Larsen Gibby, Mikaela J. Dufur, and Shana Pribesh. 2020 “Family Structure Change and Behavioral Problems in South Korea.” Population Research and Policy Review, 39(3):439-464.

Jarvis, Jonathan A. 2020. “Lost in Translation: Obstacles to Converting Global Cultural Capital to Local Occupational Success.” Sociological Perspectives, 63:228-248.

Silveira, Florencia, Mikaela J. Dufur, Jonathan A. Jarvis, and Kristie J. Rowley. 2019. “The Influence of Foreign-Born Population on Immigrant and Native-Born Students’ Academic Achievement.” Socius. January.

Gibbs, Benjamin G., Priyank Shah, Douglas B. Downey, and Jonathan A. Jarvis. 2017. “The Asian-American Advantage in Math among Young Children: The Complex Role of Parenting.” Sociological Perspectives, 60(2):315-337.