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Summary of Requirements for MS in Sociology at a Glance

*These requirements are subject to change without notice.


The purpose of the Master's degree in Sociology is to prepare students for doctoral work and to train them as teachers and researchers.


  • Bachelor's degree in Sociology or related field
    • Soc 111 (Introduction to Sociology or equivalent*)
    • Soc 300 (Methods of Research in Sociology or equivalent*)
    • Stat 121 (Principles of Statistics or equivalent*)
    • Soc 310 (Classical Social Theory or equivalent*)

* must be approved through the graduate committee


  • 35 hours total
    • 29 course hours (Students must take 14 hours of required courses and an additional 15 hours of course work with a minimum of 9 hours of graduate sociology credit.)
    • 6 thesis hours (Soc 699R)

Required Core Courses

  • Soc 598R (Pro-Seminar) required for 1st year students (2 semesters)
  • Soc 600 (Advanced Research Methods–Taught Fall Semester)
  • Soc 605 (Multiple Regression Analysis–Taught Fall Semester)
  • Soc 604 (Ethnographic Techniques–Taught Winter Semester)
  • Soc 610 (Seminar in Classical Social Theory–Taught Fall Semester)

Required Tests

  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

Continuous Registration

  • 6 hours per academic year
  • 2 thesis hours during the semester student defends thesis

Time Limit
You should finish in 2 years or less. Maximum time allowed is 3 years under extenuating circumstances and following a petition to the department graduate committee. To petition for a third year, you, not your advisor, must submit a written statement to the Department Graduate Committee, detailing why you were unable to complete your thesis within the standard two years. In addition, you must submit a new time table for completing your thesis and the program, as well as if and how financial support for the extension will be provided. The Department Graduate Committee will evaluate your petition, as well as your overall performance and ability to meet other deadlines, such as the prospectus defense, when making the final decision on allowing a third year in the program. Petitions must be approved by the Department Graduate Committee before a third year can begin.